2023 8-Man All-Star Football Game

Application Letter/Form

Seniors 23’,

Plans are being made for the Missouri 8-Man Football Coaches Association annual Senior All-Star Football Game! This year's game will be held on the campus of Missouri Western State University on Saturday, June 24th at 7:00PM. 

To apply, click on the link below.

8-Man All-Star Game Application Link–APPLY NOW!!

We are currently accepting forms from all 2023 Seniors who would like to participate in this year's all-star football game. We encourage all Seniors to apply who are interested in playing. This will mark the 15th annual all-star game, and up to this point, we have never turned anyone away who has wanted to play. However, with the growth of 8 man football across Missouri, we will cap the game at a total of 50 players(25 players per team). Last year we had 47 Seniors play, so everyone that applied was given the opportunity to play!!

Automatic Acceptance:

Seniors who are selected to the All-State football team in December will have an automatic spot on the all-star roster, but you still must apply now! If you do not apply, you will not automatically be placed on the all-star team. Once it is determined how many all-state players we have, the all-star teams will then be filled by non all-state Seniors who have applied to play. If more than 50 players apply, the all-star coaches will draft the players needed to fill out the rosters. There will also be a waiting list if accepted players become unavailable to participate. Again, we have never turned anyone away so please apply!!

Tentative schedule All-Star weekend:

Thursday, June 22rd Friday, June 23rd Saturday, June 24th
3:00pm – Check In (Hall Leaverton/Vaselakos) 7:45am – Roll Call (Wake Up) 9:00am - Roll Call (Wake Up)
3:00-3:30pm – Dorm Check In 8:00-9:00am – Breakfast 10:00am - Brunch
3:45pm – All Camp Meeting 9:30-11:30am – Practice 2 11:00-1:00pm - Chalk Talk/Walk Through
4:00pm - Team Pictures 12:00-1:00pm – Lunch 1:00-2:30 - Break
5:00-6:00pm – Dinner 1:00-2:00pm – Break 2:30-4:00 - Clean Rooms
7:00-8:30pm – Practice 1 2:30-4:30pm - Practice 3 4:00pm - Pre Game Meal
9:00-10:30pm - Bowling/Golf 5:00-6:00pm – Dinne 5:30pm – Check Out of Dorms
11:00pm – Return/Lights Out 7:00-9:00pm – Practice 4 5:30-6:40pm – Game Preparation
11:00pm - Lights Out 7:00pm – Kickoff
Halftime – Hall of Fame Induction
9:30pm - Departure

If you are interested in playing, please check your schedule and keep these dates open!!


Every All-star game player will be required to turn in a $150 participation fee. This fee helps pay for facility fees, uniforms, dorm & dining fees, insurance, …..etc. Past players have obtained help covering this fee from many sources: local school district, Booster Clubs, Lion’s Clubs, Rotary Clubs, family…etc.  Each player is also required to obtain 3 sponsorships from their local community. Information concerning the participation fee and sponsorship will be sent out once the all-star teams are selected.

Application forms are due December 1, 2022 by midnight. The All-Star Team will be announced on Monday, December 12, 2022. 

All Star Game Timeline:

December 1, 2022–Player application forms due

December 9, 2022- All-Star Players Draft. 25 players per Team

December 12, 2022- All-Star Team Player Notification

March 1, 2023–All-Star Player Fee and Sponsorship Forms & Money Due (Once teams are selected, player fee & sponsorship information will be sent out)

June 22, 2023- Arrival to Missouri Western

June 24, 2023-15th Annual 8 Man All-Star Football Game–7:00PM


All-star game players have the opportunity to apply for 2 academic scholarships awarded by the Missouri 8-Man Football Coaches Association. The Coaches Association also awards 2 athletic scholarships to the games Offensive and Defensive MVPs. 

Again, we encourage ALL seniors to apply who are interested in playing!!


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